Tournament history:
Tournament wins to Finland, Latvia and Estonia

The three-day BSBC tournament concluded today with games between Finland and Sweden, and Latvia and Estonia. As a result, Finland went home with U16 women and U18 men titles, whereas Latvia took the crown among U18 girls and the host Estonia managed to grab the first spot in U16 men.

03.01.2015 Four wins for Finland, two for Sweden and Latvia
02.01.2015 All participating countries gather two wins on the first day
05.01.2014 Last day of BSBC successful for Finland and Latvia
04.01.2014 Latvia takes it all, Finland and Estonia win as well
04.01.2014 Victories for Latvia, Sweden and Estonia
23.03.9600 IX BSBC Standings and best players
04.01.2013 BSBC Second Day
03.01.2013 First day of BSBC
19.12.2012 IV Seminar for Basketball Coaches
28.11.2012 BSBC 2013
09.01.2012 8th Baltic Sea Basketball Cup
05.01.2012 U18 men's trophy went to Finland
05.01.2012 Estonia U16 women finished the tournament with a loss
05.01.2012 Latvia U18 women won the tournament
05.01.2012 U16 Men's win went to Latvia
05.01.2012 Easy win to the Swedish U16 Men’s team
05.01.2012 Sweden U18 men left without a victory
05.01.2012 Finland U18 women’s team beat Sweden
05.01.2012 U16 Girls trophy went to Sweden

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