Tournament history:
Four wins for Finland, two for Sweden and Latvia

Baltic Sea Basketball Cup continued today with games between Sweden and Latvia, and Finland and Estonia. Swedish and Latvian youth teams both took two wins, whereas Finnish boys and girls managed to win all four games.

First game of the day offered a treat for thrill-lovers. In an exciting game, Swedish U16 girls managed to win over Latvia with 74:71. Leader for the Sweden was Klara Lundquist whose strong double-double of 30 points and 10 rebounds helped the team to victory. For Latvia, the best was also with a double-double Janeta Rozentale, who collected 22 points and 10 rebounds. Second game saw Latvia U18 women take a huge 71:42 win over Sweden. Biggest scorer for the winners with 23 points was Anna Dteimane. On Sweden’s side, Sofia Hägg, Fanny Paulin, and Emilia Stocklassa all brought 7 points.

The matches continued with another big win, this time Sweden U16 boys beating Latvia 102:57. Winners’ main scoremaker was Felix Lemetti with 26 points. Latvia’s best was Davids Atelbauers with 14 points. The battles between Swedish and Latvian youth teams ended with a game between the U18 men, where Latvia bagged a 66:64 win over Sweden. For Latvia, the best was Verners Kohs with 17 points. On Sweden’s side, Samuel Berkelund brought 18 points.

Second half of the day started with a match between U16 girls of Finland and Estonia, where Finland won 74:45. Finland’s main scorer was Kia Vaalavirta with 19 points. For Estonia, Annabel Aer also brought 19 points. In the next game, Estonia’s U18 girls gained a loss next to their win as they lost to Finland 32:71. Winners’ leader was Sandra Karsten with 16 points. Estonia’s best was Kadri Uiga with 12 points.

In the U16 boys match, Finland managed to beat Estonia with 68:61. Finland’s biggest scoremaker was Elias Valtonen with 18 points and 16 rebounds. For Estonia, it was Robin Kivi, also with 18 points. The last game of the day was between U18 men of Finland and Estonia. Again, Finland managed to grab a victory over Estonia, this time with a result of 81:66. For Finland, the best was Edon Maxhuni with 15 points. On Estonia’s side, Siim-Markus Post collected 19 points.

BSBC youth tournament will conclude tomorrow with matches between Sweden and Finland, and Estonia and Latvia. The games will start 10:00 with a final match starting at 17:45.