Tournament history:
All participating countries gather two wins on the first day

Today, Baltic Sea Basketball Cup started its 11th run. The youth tournament, pitting teams from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, and Estonia against each other, will last for three days. The first game day offered a lot of excitement and wins for every participating country.

As usual, the tournament started with a match between U16 girls from Latvia and Finland. The opening match turned out to be a thrilling one, when Finland needed extra time to take a 72:70 win over Latvia. For Finland, the best was Kia Vaalavirta with 18 points. On Latvia’s side, Marianna Klavina brought 18 points. The second game evened out the score with Latvia U18 women beating Finland 68:57. Leader for the Latvians was Digna Strautmane with a powerful double-double of 30 points and 15 rebounds. Finland’s biggest scorer with 9 points was Sandra Karsten.

Next up were Finnish and Latvian U16 men. The victory belonged to Latvia with a result 64:52. Latvia’s best was Arturs Kurucs with 17 points. On Finland’s side, Elias Valtonen scored the most with 14 points. The final match of the day between Finnish and Latvian youth teams saw Finland take a sweet 88:87 win over Latvia. For the winners, the main scorer was Lauri Markkanen with 26 points. For Latvia, Verners Kohs with 19 points managed to bring the most points.

The second half of the game day saw Estonia’s and Sweden’s teams step on court. In the first game, Sweden U16 women took a huge 103:44 win over Estonia. Klara Lundquist of Sweden brought 22 points, whereas for Estonia, the main scorer was Janne Pulk with 10 points. In the next match, U18 girls from Estonia managed to start their tournament with a 72:54 win over Sweden. Arina Vlasenko brought the most points for Estonia, collecting 17 points. On Sweden side, both Fanny Paulin and Danielsson Vendela brought 9 points.

Estonians continued their winning streak, when U16 boys beat the Swedes 76:71. For the winners, Sander Raieste was the main scoremaker with 18 points. For the Swedes, the best was Felix Lemetti with 17 points. The last match of the day tied the score between Estonia and Sweden, when the Swedish U18 boys bagged a 83:57 win over Estonia. With 20 points, Jacob Bodin was the best in Swedish team. On Estonia’s side, Ivalo Pajuments collected 7 points.

The tournament will continue tomorrow at 12 with matches between Sweden’s and Latvia’s youth teams. The second half of the game day will see teams from Estonia and Finland battling it out.