Tournament history:
Last day of BSBC successful for Finland and Latvia

Baltic Sea Basketball Cup ended its three-day tournament with games between Finland and Sweden and Estonia and Latvia. Finland’s and Latvia’s youth teams managed to win all of their games.

The day started off with a game between Finland and Sweden U16 girls. Finland won 65:49. Best for Finland was Marika Korpinen collecting 16 points. For Sweden it was Matilda Salén with 12 points. Next up were the U18 women of Finland and Sweden. Again, Finland managed to beat Sweden with 50:45. On Finland’s side Veera Pirttinen scored most with 16 points. For Sweden, the best was Kristin Seman with 13 points.


It was now turn for the U16 boys to battle it out in the closest match of the day. Finland managed to grab 80:78 win over Sweden in the last second of the game. For Finland, the main scorer was Edon Maxhuni, who managed to gather 26 points. On the Sweden’s team, the best was Senghore-Peterson Kevin with 18 points. The game between U18 men did not end differently. Finland won yet again over Sweden, this time 79:68. Leader for Finland was Juho-Matti Henttonen with 20 points and 15 rebounds. For Sweden, Sheriff Drammeh and Andreas Von-Uthmann both brought 16 points.


Second half of the day brought four matches between Estonia and Latvia. First up were the U16 girls. Latvia beat Estonia with 68:20. For the winners, the best was Anda Kuzmina with 11 points. On Estonia’s side, it was Ege-Ly Viirmaa with 6 points. When it came to U18 girls, Latvia won over Estonia 82:65. The best for Latvia was Kate Kreslina with 27 points. From Estonian girls, Kadri-Ann Lass made a good score collecting 35 points.


U16 boys game between Latvia and Estonia did not bring a different result. This time, Latvia won over Estonia 100:49. Leader for Latvia was Arturs Strautins, who gathered 20 points and 10 rebounds. For Estonia, the best was Karl Suurorg with 12 points. The last game of the tournament was between the U18 men of Estonia and Latvia. Latvia’s guys ended the tournament with a 70:48 victory over Estonia. Main scorers for Latvia were Ervins Meznieks and Rinalds Malmanis, who both collected 16 points. On Estonia’s side, the best was Robert Valge with 11 points.


This meant the end for the tenth Baltic Sea Basketball Cup. It was a tournament filled with exciting games and showcasing the young talent of the region. There is surely a lot to wait for next year.