Tournament history:
Latvia takes it all, Finland and Estonia win as well
Second day of BSBC was yet again successful for Latvia, whose youngsters managed to win all of their games. Finland and Estonia also tasted victory.
The day started with a match between U16 women of Sweden and Latvia. Latvia won the game 70:56. Leader for Latvia was Digna Strautmane with 19 points and 16 rebounds. With 13 points, Louise Skyttevall scored most on Sweden’s side. The next match was between U18 girls and Latvia won over Sweden 68:63. Kate Kreslina brought 19 points for the winning Latvia. Kristin Seman was the biggest scorer for Sweden collecting 11 points.

It was then boys’ turn to battle it out. Latvia U16 men left nothing to chance and won over Sweden 95:61. Best for Latvia was Karlis Garoza scoring 23 points. For Sweden, both Oskar Holm and Villiam Eriksson-Hansson managed to bring 12 points. The last match between Sweden and Latvia did not result in a different outcome. Latvia U18 men won Sweden 72:52. On Latvia’s side, Rinalds Malmanis was the best collecting 25 points and 10 rebounds. With 16 points, Sheriff Drammeh scored most for Sweden.

The second half of the day saw matches between Finland and Estonia. First up were the U16 women. Finland were better 72:40. From Finnish girls, Kia Vallavirta gathered 11 points. With 16 points, Mariann Adelbert collected most for Estonia. The match between the U18 girls of Finland and Estonia ended with a 76:40 victory to Finland. For Finnish team, Tuuli Menna managed to collect 12 points. On Estonia’s side, Kadri-Ann Lass was the best with 13 points and 11 rebounds.

Finland’s U16 boys managed to grab a 98:72 victory over Estonia. Edon Maxhuni collected 16 points for Finland. For Estonia, the biggest scorers were Ron-Arnar Pehka and Carlos Jürgnes, who both gathered 13 points. The last match of the day turned out to be a true basketball battle. Estonia’s U18 men continued their tournament with a victory of 63:57 over Finland. Main scoremaker for Estonia was Norman Käbin bringing 16 points. With 11 points, Juho-Matti Henttonen scored most for Finland.

The last day of BSBC will start tomorrow at 10:00 and bring another eight exciting matches. Sweden and Finland will compete in the first half, whereas the battles between Latvia and Estonia will end the day and the tournament all together.