Tournament history:
8th Baltic Sea Basketball Cup
Baltic Sea Basketball Cup that took place 3-5 January in Audentes Sports Centre gave exciting emotions to everyone. Most successful was the tournament for Latvians who left with 2 first place cups.

Estonians had good chances to get the first place, but they lost in the last game to Latvia 52:81 and that meant second place for the hosts.
1. Latvia 2-1 (+22) (best player of the team: Gustavs Treimanis)
2. Estonia 2-1 (-3) (Karl-Robin Jürjens)
3. Sweden 2-1 (-19) (Erik Johansson)
4. Finland 0-3 (Tuomas Hirvonen)
MVP: Rudolfs Stradnieks (Latvia)

Estonians had secured the third place no matter the outcome of the last game with Latvians. The game was important for Latvians because a win would have given first and a loss second place.  Estonians beat Latvians 73:69 and the first place went to Finland.
1. Finland 2-1 (+25) (Joonas Lehtoranta)
2. Latvia 2-1 (+3) (Ivars Zvigurs)
3. Estonia 2-1 (-28) (Sander Saare)
4. Sweden 0-3 (Jesper Eliasson)
MVP: Joonas Lehtoranta (Finland)

Latvia won first place without a single loss. Finland got second place with 2 wins and Esotnia third place with 1 win.
1. Latvia 3-0 (Paula Langina)
2. Finland 2-1 (Anni Kärkkäinen)
3. Estonia 1-2 (Birgit Piibur)
4. Sweden 0-3 (Sandra Hansson)
MVP: Ance Aizcila (Latvia)

Finland, Sweden and Latvia got equally 2 wins and 1 loss. Comparing the points the three teams were within 10 points.
1. Sweden 2-1 (+5) (Ellen Aström)
2. Latvia 2-1 (0) (Kate Kreslina)
3. Finland 2-1 (-5) (Elina Koskimies)
4. Estonia 0-3 (Sofia Anissimova)
MVP: Kate Kreslina (Latvia)